Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being a young writer, isn't so easy

So here is how my day started out and will hopefully end.
I woke up at quarter to six and got ready for cross country practice, once arriving at the school I put my stuff in a locker and headed out for practice. Arriving at home I had to go to my basement, because we have someone who cleans our house every other Tuesday and she was here today. I then started this blog while watching a movie. Soon I will be leaving for freshman orientation, where we will all be slightly annoyed at the ridiculous icebreakers, yet at the same time secretly be enjoying ourselves. Coming home I will be getting ready for bed and hopefully get a chance to type, that is after I set out all of my stuff, because tomorrow is my first day of high school, and I want to be ready!
Thank you for listening,

The Blog Of A Young Writer

Writing usually comes easy for me, but now that I'm trying to write for others, it seems that the words just don't flow as easy. I keep writing, trying to find some way to explain myself but always come up short. So I have concluded that possibly I don't have a true resin as to why I write, or why I would like to start blogging. Yet second guessing, perhaps it could be the sound the keys make as my fingers push them down, or maybe it's the scene of accomplishment I feel once done writing, or I guess it could just be the relaxing feeling I get while writing. All of these idea are true, and I hope that I will be able to tell about my self and my writing through these daily blogs.
Thank you for listening,