Wednesday, December 15, 2010


my username is IFoundKim.
I have added a ton to my book although I am only on chapter 3!!!
thank you for listening,

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hello, I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting.
I'm going to be writing in a newspaper, not a big one, just a duct tape newspaper started by some duct tapers on youtube. Go to to see some of there products and PLEASE order at lest one issue of the newspaper!!! my username is ducttape5252, please look for some inserts by me!!!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last night was the homecoming dance, and although not as fun as Night Storm, I did enjoy myself. It was a night of dancing and talking with friends, which is something that doesn't get done enough in my life. One boy asked me to dance during a slow song although I'm pretty sure it was just as friends, my other friends like to argue otherwise. After the dance I went to a friends house, along with another friend, we ended up falling asleep to a movie in her unfinished basement. Waking up one of my friends was up the other still sleeping. Once we were all up we spent most of the day talking and watching movies until our parents came to pick us up. Getting home I unpack, and feed my fish. And hopefully I will have time tonight to read my book!!!
Thank you for listening,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing Too Deep

This is just basically an update in my life.
I have had a ton of homework lately, but I always seem to push through it and get everything done at night. Cross Country is getting hard because I think I hurt my ankle but I don't want to tell coach becaue he might have me go to the Trainer who would emidiatly make me sit out no matter how minor or major the problem is. Lastly, music is the center of the world to me, if it wasn't for music, there wouldn't be parterns, thus changing everything from math to english, and we would all be unintelligent, and ignorent blobs of people.
Thank you for listening,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Day

Waking up at 7:00, to my alarm playing Black Betty. I simply just press the sleep button and fall back asleep for five minutes. Black Betty come streaming on again, once again I press the sleep button. There goes another five minuets. Suddenly my mom screams up the stairs to make sure that I'm up. I wake up and get ready only having ten minuets, but some how I make it. Arriving at the meet we start walking the path we're going to race on. When we get back we have a little time to relax before going on our warm up run. I use this time to take the spikes out of my running shoes because they are to long. In addition, I lay down talk to my friends. We then go on our warm up run, coming back with just a half an hour before we must race. Coach helps me put different spikes for my shoes, then I run over to the starting line. We do all of our warm ups, then take off our sweat shirts and sweat pants, and through them into a bag that will late be brought back to our tent. before I know he starts counting down from fifteen, then from ten, at five there is silence... "Boom" a gun shoot and everyone is off, including me. Suddenly I'm in a mob of people all running to the same place. Before I know it we past the one mile mark. I mix of thoughts linger in my head, some being that I just reach it and yet it seemed like miles, others being that I'm doing good and staying with my team mate like I wanted to. Running for what seems like for ever I finally reach the two mile mark, only a half of a mile to go, "I am doing good" I think to my self, still with my team mate. People around me yelling at us that we're almost there. turning the corner I reach the long stretch that leads to the end. I'm surrounded by parents, runners, and coaches. I run until finally the tree uncovers the wight banner I was looking for, I start to sprint, two people run past me, my team mate and a girl from a different school. I keep running until finally I reach the end, the place I was focused on getting to. 
The meet lasted a few more hours, my freinds and I spent the rest of it eating and cheering. Then they had awards which I didn't win, because although my efferts seemed tromendous, my time was not. At lest it wasn't for the jodges, to me my time was amazing, a new personal record infact. 
Eventually my mom drove me home. I came home wen't upstairs and blopped on my bed. I napped for three hours befor waking up and typing this blog, at the same time I skype with my cousin. Although, my day isn't over yet.
Thank you for listening,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank You

Finally I have followers!!! When I went on today to type blog 7 I noticed that I have two followers!!! This made me extremely happy to know that other people are reading what I am writing, but at the same time it seems to bring up some caution in my writing. I've begun to rethink what I wrote, although this could be good or bad it's just different. Which reminded me to tell you that I don't like change, although I try to stay positive it just isn't my favorite thing ever. Although this is very exciting and I would like to thank both of you!!!
Thank you for listening,

English Class

In English our first assignment was to pick out a mystery suspense book. Mine is called The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and it is by Stephen King. So far I like it.
I am enjoying English this year for basically two resins. My teacher being one, he is very nice and funny. The second resin being it is making me a better writer. I am currently working on a Novel and my English class helped me figure out what was wrong with it, I have no conflict. How could I be so stupid, for some resin it never occurred to me. Now my story will be more exciting and when people read it they won't just say its alright, because my story will no longer be boring!!!
Thank you for listening,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I know that this was supposed to be a daily blog, but the truth is it hasn't been, and although I still don't have any followers I felt bad that it hasn't been and in return haven't be blogging because I wanted to avoid it rather than have people be mad at me. Yet there isn't anyone to do that yet so here I am making my next blog.
I am starting a new book, its called "The Girl Who Loved Tome Gordon" I think I am going to enjoy it. But for now I have to read for English class.
Thank you for listening,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cross Country

Running and running,  it's not just about the running, it's more. Most people say that they don't run because its boring but the truth is it can be very exciting and relaxing. I know for some this might seem hard for running to be relaxing but, if you look around you as you run, the world is beautiful. Taking time to look at whats living around you, to look at the people, or the trees. To look at the grass, or the dirt. From the open fields, to the gravel roads. No matter where you run there is always something to look at. And that is why you run Cross Country!
Thank you for listening,

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Sorry...

I did not get a post up yesterday like I was going to and I am extremely sorry. I was very occupied, my day started off with school then cross country practice, and lastly a tail gate thing where we had to stay and cheer on the volleyball game. So once I got home I basicly went to bed, my resin for this was because I had cross country practice really early this morning and so I had to get up at 5:15. Or else my day went great but once again I didn't get a chance to type and for that I am very sad. But!!! this weekend I will be hanging out with my younger cousin and we ALWAYS type together so I will be typing this weekend!!!
Thank you for listening,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days aren't so bad!!!

Today I enjoyed my first day of high school. Although it isn't very easy being a freshman, I had fun and saw lots of my friends. I did have some bad and embarrassing moments today, but instead of living in the past I choose the future and can't wait to see who's in my classes tomorrow!!! After school I headed for cross country practice, which wasn't easy today, in fact it was what I consider to be on of our hardest practices but I got through it and tried my best to push through the pain. Now I am home and trying to finish my first day of homework, I have to write a letter to my math teach. Yesterday sadly I didn't get a chance to type at all, but I'm going to try to tonight. I know that at this point no one is following me and just about the only one who reads these is my cousin, but instead of looking at it in a bad way I consider it good because it makes it easier to type knowing that no one is going to judge me on my writing. So my lesson today is to type like no one will ever read it and to not care what people think if you consider it a masterpiece than it is one, and you shouldn't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!!!
Thank you for listening,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being a young writer, isn't so easy

So here is how my day started out and will hopefully end.
I woke up at quarter to six and got ready for cross country practice, once arriving at the school I put my stuff in a locker and headed out for practice. Arriving at home I had to go to my basement, because we have someone who cleans our house every other Tuesday and she was here today. I then started this blog while watching a movie. Soon I will be leaving for freshman orientation, where we will all be slightly annoyed at the ridiculous icebreakers, yet at the same time secretly be enjoying ourselves. Coming home I will be getting ready for bed and hopefully get a chance to type, that is after I set out all of my stuff, because tomorrow is my first day of high school, and I want to be ready!
Thank you for listening,

The Blog Of A Young Writer

Writing usually comes easy for me, but now that I'm trying to write for others, it seems that the words just don't flow as easy. I keep writing, trying to find some way to explain myself but always come up short. So I have concluded that possibly I don't have a true resin as to why I write, or why I would like to start blogging. Yet second guessing, perhaps it could be the sound the keys make as my fingers push them down, or maybe it's the scene of accomplishment I feel once done writing, or I guess it could just be the relaxing feeling I get while writing. All of these idea are true, and I hope that I will be able to tell about my self and my writing through these daily blogs.
Thank you for listening,