Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Age differences

I find it a bit odd how when you think of a 15 year old with a 18 year old it seems wrong but if they were 45 and 48 it seems perfectly normal. I understand that there is a difference in the development of the brain at the young ages but if you happen to find your sole mate in life at this young age, it seems wrong for people to judge just because of the age difference. Once we age the differences between the numbers seem to not matter. In fact the differences seem almost normal to the point that if you were the same age it seems odd to most. I find it a little odd myself when people are married that are the same age, yet I have no problem dating people my age, or older.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging in place of writing

I guess I'm suppose to start righting everyday if I want my writing to get better, which makes great sense since practice makes perfect. I read this blog the other day and it really helped me realize whats important in my writing at this point in my life. It's true that my writing really does suck, but that's not a bad thing because there is truly always going to be room for improvement. That is one thing I really love about writing, your never going to be at your best, because your always improving. There's never that end so you don't have to worry about when your great not being able to become any better. Throughout my life I hope to become better at writing and to improve my skills as I grow older to the point where I might be able to start selling my writing. However even if I don't get anything sold I'm fine with that because writing will always be a hobby for me. I'm happy with where I'm at with most of my stories finally because I realized that I don't have to be absolutely amazing with any of my writing. This has also made me more comfortable with sharing my writing with others, because it truly doesn't matter at this age what my writing is like, either way it's going to suck compared to the writing I will be doing in the future. I've come to the fact that I will only get better and that my only goal shouldn't be to finish a novel at my age but to become a better writer and really try my hardest to write everyday and to read EVERYTHING, to learn from things other people did well as well as things they did wrong.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Short Story

The sky was like a sheet of blue spread over the earth, not a single white puff in sight. The sun beat down on me through the window of my father’s truck, adding heat to my already warm body.
As I stare at the mesh of green blurring by me, my mind goes into a trance and I start to remember my dream.

 “Let’s go Sarah! Out of the house right now!” My dad screamed at me as I ran out of my bed room. I look frantically around me as if I was missing something but all I could see where the empty walls of our home. Just white walls all around me with white doors scattered around the house. I spin in a complete circle before my dad pulls me along. We run down a hallway to a window that’s placed at the end. “Our only option is to jump Sarah do you hear me?” I nod my head frantically as he punches a hole through the window. He took a few steps back then leaped out through the window. I look down out of the window to see his body laying on cement all disoriented and broken.
 “There must be another way,” I mumble to myself. Spinning on the balls of my feet I turn around to face a staircase that suddenly appeared. It was white carpet lined with a thin red rug that trailed down the whole staircase. I run down the stairs but once I get to the end there is no place for me to steep the floor is all fire, the walls are all gone on this story and the floor is fire that leads off into the darkness. I run as fast as I can back up the stair case but once I reach the top this house looks different. Suddenly the walls are paneled half way up with wood and the floors are also wooden. Small chandlers hang from the high ceiling. In front of me is an open door, but not open enough for me to see what’s inside so I lean in and push it just slightly but it slams open pounding on the wall to the left of it. Inside is a single twin bed covered with a flower printed bed spread. Sitting on the bed was a small stuff animal bunny. I remember this bunny from my childhood, it had always sat on my bed as a kid and I couldn’t fall asleep without it. I walk into the room but turn around at the sound of fire cracking. Behind me the fire is building almost all of the way up the stairs, this meant that I didn’t have much time. I look around for and escape but there aren’t any in sight. The red flames reach the edge of the door and explode to me. My body doesn’t feel pain. It’s as if I was immune to the fire but I can see this small bunny burning with the flame I reach over to touch it but that was the point that I had woken up.

 My dad pulls into the drive way and hops out of the car. I take my time grabbing my things and slowly spill out. Walking I’m a little uneasy going into the house but I make my way up to my room. Opening my closet I reach up onto my tip toes and grab a plastic bin from the top of my closet. I bring this into me and sit on the white carpet of my bedroom floor starring at the box, my hands begin to shake. I pull of the cover and sitting on the top of all of my childhood memories is a small black stuff animal bunny, burnt to death.

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