Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging in place of writing

I guess I'm suppose to start righting everyday if I want my writing to get better, which makes great sense since practice makes perfect. I read this blog the other day and it really helped me realize whats important in my writing at this point in my life. It's true that my writing really does suck, but that's not a bad thing because there is truly always going to be room for improvement. That is one thing I really love about writing, your never going to be at your best, because your always improving. There's never that end so you don't have to worry about when your great not being able to become any better. Throughout my life I hope to become better at writing and to improve my skills as I grow older to the point where I might be able to start selling my writing. However even if I don't get anything sold I'm fine with that because writing will always be a hobby for me. I'm happy with where I'm at with most of my stories finally because I realized that I don't have to be absolutely amazing with any of my writing. This has also made me more comfortable with sharing my writing with others, because it truly doesn't matter at this age what my writing is like, either way it's going to suck compared to the writing I will be doing in the future. I've come to the fact that I will only get better and that my only goal shouldn't be to finish a novel at my age but to become a better writer and really try my hardest to write everyday and to read EVERYTHING, to learn from things other people did well as well as things they did wrong.
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