Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Day

Waking up at 7:00, to my alarm playing Black Betty. I simply just press the sleep button and fall back asleep for five minutes. Black Betty come streaming on again, once again I press the sleep button. There goes another five minuets. Suddenly my mom screams up the stairs to make sure that I'm up. I wake up and get ready only having ten minuets, but some how I make it. Arriving at the meet we start walking the path we're going to race on. When we get back we have a little time to relax before going on our warm up run. I use this time to take the spikes out of my running shoes because they are to long. In addition, I lay down talk to my friends. We then go on our warm up run, coming back with just a half an hour before we must race. Coach helps me put different spikes for my shoes, then I run over to the starting line. We do all of our warm ups, then take off our sweat shirts and sweat pants, and through them into a bag that will late be brought back to our tent. before I know he starts counting down from fifteen, then from ten, at five there is silence... "Boom" a gun shoot and everyone is off, including me. Suddenly I'm in a mob of people all running to the same place. Before I know it we past the one mile mark. I mix of thoughts linger in my head, some being that I just reach it and yet it seemed like miles, others being that I'm doing good and staying with my team mate like I wanted to. Running for what seems like for ever I finally reach the two mile mark, only a half of a mile to go, "I am doing good" I think to my self, still with my team mate. People around me yelling at us that we're almost there. turning the corner I reach the long stretch that leads to the end. I'm surrounded by parents, runners, and coaches. I run until finally the tree uncovers the wight banner I was looking for, I start to sprint, two people run past me, my team mate and a girl from a different school. I keep running until finally I reach the end, the place I was focused on getting to. 
The meet lasted a few more hours, my freinds and I spent the rest of it eating and cheering. Then they had awards which I didn't win, because although my efferts seemed tromendous, my time was not. At lest it wasn't for the jodges, to me my time was amazing, a new personal record infact. 
Eventually my mom drove me home. I came home wen't upstairs and blopped on my bed. I napped for three hours befor waking up and typing this blog, at the same time I skype with my cousin. Although, my day isn't over yet.
Thank you for listening,

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  1. How in the world do you NOT wake up upon hearing "Black Betty?" That song makes me want to shake it or go to a dive karaoke bar and watch someone attempt to not mess up the lyrics.