Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days aren't so bad!!!

Today I enjoyed my first day of high school. Although it isn't very easy being a freshman, I had fun and saw lots of my friends. I did have some bad and embarrassing moments today, but instead of living in the past I choose the future and can't wait to see who's in my classes tomorrow!!! After school I headed for cross country practice, which wasn't easy today, in fact it was what I consider to be on of our hardest practices but I got through it and tried my best to push through the pain. Now I am home and trying to finish my first day of homework, I have to write a letter to my math teach. Yesterday sadly I didn't get a chance to type at all, but I'm going to try to tonight. I know that at this point no one is following me and just about the only one who reads these is my cousin, but instead of looking at it in a bad way I consider it good because it makes it easier to type knowing that no one is going to judge me on my writing. So my lesson today is to type like no one will ever read it and to not care what people think if you consider it a masterpiece than it is one, and you shouldn't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!!!
Thank you for listening,

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  1. I admire your confidence. My son just recently started high school too. I like to hear your perspective on it though. Keep up the good work.